What is another word for angora cat?

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[ ˈaŋɡɔːɹə kˈat], [ ˈaŋɡɔːɹə kˈat], [ ˈa_ŋ_ɡ_ɔː_ɹ_ə k_ˈa_t]

The term "Angora" is commonly used to describe cats with long, fluffy fur. However, there are several synonyms that can be used to describe these beautiful felines. One such option is "longhaired cat," which accurately reflects the cat's distinguishing characteristic. Additionally, "fluffy cat" is a term that could be used for any breed with dense fur, including Angoras. Another synonym is "Persian cat," as this breed is known for its luxurious coat. Finally, "Turkish Angora" is a more specific term, referring to a distinct breed with silky white fur and bright blue eyes. Overall, there are many ways to describe these stunning animals!

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    Angora cats are popular felines because they are soft, warm, and have a long life span. They are also very agile and have a quick reflexes. Angoras have a dense, luxurious coat of deep, lustrous hair that is Shedding usually about once a month. Angoras come in all colors, but the most popular are the seal point, white, and tortoiseshell. Angoras are friendly and playful, but they can be a little unpredictable. Some people choose to keep an angora as a pet, while others use them for their fur.

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