What is another word for as gospel?

Pronunciation: [az ɡˈɒspə͡l] (IPA)

When we hear someone saying that something is "as gospel", it means they consider it to be unquestionably true or reliable. However, there are numerous synonyms for this popular idiom. One can replace "as gospel" with phrases like "as the truth itself", highlighting the unwavering certainty of the information being conveyed. Alternatively, one can use expressions like "beyond reproach", "beyond doubt" or "beyond question" to emphasize the indisputable nature of the statement. "Set in stone" is another perfect substitute, denoting that the information is unchangeable and absolute. These alternatives effectively capture the notion of infallible truth, enabling us to express ourselves with a diverse range of phrases that convey the same sentiment as "as gospel."

What are the opposite words for as gospel?

The phrase "as gospel" means to believe something to be absolutely true or reliable. Antonyms for this phrase include words like questionable, doubtful, dubious, uncertain, and unreliable. These words suggest that the information being presented may not be accurate or trustworthy, and that it should be subject to scrutiny and evaluation. Other antonyms for "as gospel" might include phrases like "with a grain of salt," "taken lightly," or "with reservations." In general, antonyms for "as gospel" indicate a degree of skepticism or caution about accepting information at face value, and suggest a need for critical thinking and scrutiny.

What are the antonyms for As gospel?

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    • Glaubers Salt
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Famous quotes with As gospel

  • You mustn't take what I say as gospel because no one can second-guess the future.
    James Lovelock

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