What is another word for baby tooth?

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Baby teeth, also known as primary teeth, milk teeth, or deciduous teeth, are the first set of teeth that appear in a child's mouth. These teeth typically start to emerge around six months of age and are eventually replaced by permanent teeth around the age of 12. Other synonyms for baby teeth include temporary teeth, first teeth, and initial teeth. While these teeth do fall out, they are crucial for a child's development and serve as placeholders for permanent teeth. It is important for parents to encourage their children to take care of their baby teeth to ensure a healthy transition to permanent teeth and promote good oral hygiene habits.

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    The term "baby tooth" refers to the first set of teeth that develop in the mouths of young children. It is a term that is commonly used within the dental industry, particularly when referring to the process of teething. Antonyms or opposite words for "baby tooth" are often used in reference to adult teeth, permanent teeth or secondary teeth, which replace the decaying baby teeth. As babies grow, their teeth fall out naturally when the adult teeth beneath start to push through into their places. Permanent teeth are larger, sharper and stronger than baby teeth, offering better support for chewing, biting and speaking efficiently. Therefore, they are considered more significant than the baby teeth.

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