What is another word for Berberry?

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Barberry is a widely known shrub that is characterized by spiny branches and thorny leaves, which may be red or green depending on the season. It bears small red or yellow berries and has gained some popularity among gardeners. Although Barberry is commonly known by its scientific name, it has several synonyms such as berberis, holy thorn, Jaundice berry, pepperidge, and sour-spine. Holy thorn definition comes from the bark that was once used to make religious relics. Jaundice berry comes from the belief that the plant could cure jaundice. Pepperidge and sour-spine are common nicknames due to the bitter taste of the berries.

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    Usage examples for Berberry

    The alpine foliage was rapidly changing colour; and that of the Berberry turning scarlet, gave a warm glow to the mountain above the forest.
    "Himalayan Journals V2."
    J. D. Hooker
    The jungle was spotted yellow with the withered birch, maple and mountain-ash, and scarlet with Berberry bushes; while above, the pastures were yellow-brown with the dead grass, and streaked with snow.
    "Himalayan Journals V2."
    J. D. Hooker
    The first instance of this kind to which we shall make reference is one of particular interest, as illustrative of the old popular creed, that Berberry bushes near corn-fields produced mildewed corn.
    "Fungi: Their Nature and Uses"
    Mordecai Cubitt Cooke

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