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Barberry is a widely known shrub that is characterized by spiny branches and thorny leaves, which may be red or green depending on the season. It bears small red or yellow berries and has gained some popularity among gardeners. Although Barberry is commonly known by its scientific name, it has several synonyms such as berberis, holy thorn, Jaundice berry, pepperidge, and sour-spine. Holy thorn definition comes from the bark that was once used to make religious relics. Jaundice berry comes from the belief that the plant could cure jaundice. Pepperidge and sour-spine are common nicknames due to the bitter taste of the berries.

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    Berberry is a blueberry cultivar, possibly a hybrid of the wild blueberry and the Fragaria vesca cultivar Nicoya. The first written record of the name "Berberry" is from 1887 in Virginia. A cross between the Fragaria vesca cultivar Nicoya and the American blueberry (Vaccinium myrtillus), this is a hardy shrub producing blueberries in late summer and fall. The fruit is 5 cm diameter, has a sweet taste, and is high in antioxidants.

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