What is another word for bookings?

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[ bˈʊkɪŋz], [ bˈʊkɪŋz], [ b_ˈʊ_k_ɪ_ŋ_z]

There are many synonyms for the word "bookings". Some common examples include reservations, appointments, engagements, arrangements, schedules, and confirmations. These words can be used in a variety of contexts, such as booking a hotel room, scheduling a doctor's appointment, or confirming a reservation at a restaurant. Other synonyms might include bookings, reservations, or ticketing. These words all refer to the act of reserving or securing a spot or service in advance. Whether you're a traveler looking to make reservations for your next trip, or a business professional scheduling appointments with clients, there are many different ways to refer to the process of making bookings.

How to use "Bookings" in context?

The word "booking" has a variety of meanings. It can be used to describe the process of arranging a meeting or event, or the act of arranging travel. The word can also be used to describe the process of reserving a space, such as for a concert or a room at a hotel. Finally, the word can also be used to describe the act of buying or selling a ticket.

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