What is another word for borrowing power?

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[ bˈɒɹə͡ʊɪŋ pˈa͡ʊə], [ bˈɒɹə‍ʊɪŋ pˈa‍ʊə], [ b_ˈɒ_ɹ_əʊ_ɪ_ŋ p_ˈaʊ_ə]

Borrowing power refers to the financial ability of an individual or organization to secure loans or credits. Synonyms for borrowing power include creditworthiness, loan eligibility, credit capacity, borrowing potential, credit status, financial credibility, loaning strength, loan capacity, and borrowing ability. These synonyms are used to describe the ability of a person or entity to secure loans and credits from financial institutions or lenders. A high borrowing power means that a person or entity has good credit history and financial stability, which makes them eligible for loans with favorable terms and rates. Conversely, a low borrowing power may lead to limited access to loans or credit or unfavorable credit terms.

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    How to use "Borrowing power" in context?

    When you borrow power from the grid, you're essentially asking the utility company to provide you with a temporary burst of energy. You're allowed to borrow up to 15kW, so long as you return the power within a set period of time.

    The utility company will likely impose a fee for borrowing power, and there's a chance that you'll be penalized if you don't balance your electricity usage during the borrowing period.

    When you borrow power, you're taking on a bit of risk. If the utility company experiences an unexpected surge in demand, they may not be able to provide enough power to all of their customers.

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