What is another word for bower of bliss?

14 synonyms found


[ bˈa͡ʊəɹ ɒv blˈɪs], [ bˈa‍ʊəɹ ɒv blˈɪs], [ b_ˈaʊ_ə_ɹ ɒ_v b_l_ˈɪ_s]

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  • What is the bower of bliss?

    How to use "Bower of bliss" in context?

    Bower of bliss is a secret garden located on a mountaintop in Warwick, Rhode Island. It is home to an Ice Fountain, a Conservatory, and a surprising array of outdoor sculptures and plants.

    The bower of bliss was created in 1988 by Don and Sonja Pease. They both love plants and wanted to create a place where people could come and enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

    The site includes a Conservatory, an Ice Fountain, and a surprising array of sculptures and plants. Some of the sculptures include a dragon, a cherub, a ladybug, and a cricket.

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