What is another word for breakaway parties?

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[ bɹˈe͡ɪkəwˌe͡ɪ pˈɑːtɪz], [ bɹˈe‍ɪkəwˌe‍ɪ pˈɑːtɪz], [ b_ɹ_ˈeɪ_k_ə_w_ˌeɪ p_ˈɑː_t_ɪ_z]

Breakaway parties can refer to groups or factions that split off from a larger organization or political party. Synonyms for breakaway parties can include splinter groups, factional parties, dissenting movements, or dissident factions. These terms imply a sense of division or separation from a larger entity, often due to ideological or policy differences. Breakaway parties can range from small grassroots movements to more organized third parties that seek to challenge established political power structures. By using alternative terms to describe breakaway parties, we can better understand the complexities of political organization and the ways in which different groups seek to achieve their goals and influence policy.

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How to use "Breakaway parties" in context?

Breakaway parties are a relatively new phenomenon in the world of politics. They are also a growing trend, with more and more countries looking to adopt this type of system in order to improve the quality of their Leaders.

What is a breakaway party?

Simply put, a breakaway party is a party that secedes from the main body of a political party. 25% of the members of a political party must sign a formal petition in order for a breakaway party to be created.

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