What is another word for bum steer?

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[ bˈʌm stˈi͡ə], [ bˈʌm stˈi‍ə], [ b_ˈʌ_m s_t_ˈiə]

A "bum steer" is a colloquial term used to describe bad advice or guidance that leads someone astray. There are many synonyms for the term, including "bad direction," "erroneous guidance," "misleading information," "inaccurate advice," and "wrecked counsel." These words all describe situations where someone receives advice that is not helpful or even harmful to them. Other synonyms for "bum steer" include "false lead," "poor recommendation," and "misguided direction." No matter which term is used, the meaning is the same: someone has been given bad advice or guidance that leads them down the wrong path.

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    When a car is turning, the front wheels are typically in front of the rear wheels. However, if the driver suddenly makes a U-turn, the car will "bum steer" - the front wheels will start to spin faster than the rear wheels, causing the car to turn around.

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