What is another word for caesarian?

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Caesarean is a medical term that describes a procedure used to deliver a baby through an incision in the mother's abdomen and uterus. Although a caesarean section is a safe and common method of delivery, women often prefer other ways of giving birth to their child. Therefore, some synonyms for 'caesarean' include C-section, cesarean delivery, surgical birth, abdominal delivery, and cesarean section. These synonyms are frequently used in medical contexts, and while they may have slightly different connotations, they all describe the same surgical procedure used to give birth to a child. Overall, these synonyms provide a better understanding of the medical terms related to the birth process.

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    What are the opposite words for caesarian?

    When we think of the word "Caesarian," we usually associate it with a surgical delivery of a baby through an incision in the mother's abdomen. However, there are many antonyms for this term that have nothing to do with childbirth. For instance, one antonym could be natural, as opposed to the surgical intervention that may interrupt the natural process of childbirth. Another antonym may be vaginal, which refers to the typical and natural delivery of a baby through the vaginal canal. Moreover, words like unassisted, spontaneous, or non-interventional could serve as antonyms for Caesarian, indicating that the delivery was carried out without any medical intervention.

    What are the antonyms for Caesarian?

    Usage examples for Caesarian

    She said, "They've been doing caesarian sections on the animals in test-pen M-four."
    "Breeder Reaction"
    Winston Marks
    Unbeknownst to her, she had just witnessed one of those little modern tragedies as intense in their way as any caesarian welter of blood; she had seen a plain little man, one of the negligible millions, being "squeezed," in other words the operation in an ordinary case of the divine law of survival.
    Robert Herrick (1868-1938)
    caesarian section was attempted, but did not save the life of the mother.
    "Our Legal Heritage, 4th Ed."
    S. A. Reilly

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