What is another word for cervix?

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The cervix is a crucial part of a woman's reproductive system. It is the narrow passage that connects the uterus to the vagina. In medical terminology, the cervix is also known as the neck of the uterus. However, this term is not commonly used in everyday conversation. Other synonyms for cervix include uterine cervix, cervical canal, and cervical os. The term cervical canal is often used to describe the entire cervix, including the internal canal that connects the uterus to the vagina. The cervical os is the opening at the end of the cervical canal, which allows menstrual blood to flow out of the uterus and into the vagina.

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    Usage examples for Cervix

    We may divide the womb into three divisions, cornua, body and cervix.
    "Common Diseases of Farm Animals"
    R. A. Craig, D. V. M.
    These regular cramp-like pains are the result of the early dilation of the cervix-the first opening of the door to the uterine room which has housed our little citizen through the developmental stages of embryonic life-and as a result of this stretching and dilating there soon appears that special blood-tinged mucus flow commonly known as "the show."
    "The Mother and Her Child"
    William S. Sadler Lena K. Sadler
    Even the great, central fact, that with each generation the entire race passes through the body of its womanhood as through a mould, reappearing with the indelible marks of that mould upon it, that as the os cervix of woman, through which the head of the human infant passes at birth, forms a ring, determining for ever the size at birth of the human head, a size which could only increase if in the course of ages the os cervix of woman should itself slowly expand; and that so exactly the intellectual capacity, the physical vigour, the emotional depth of woman, forms also an untranscendable circle, circumscribing with each successive generation the limits of the expansion of the human race;-even this fact she may not so clearly have grasped intellectually as to be able to throw it into the form of a logical statement.
    "Woman and Labour"
    Olive Schreiner

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