What is another word for computer games?

Pronunciation: [kəmpjˈuːtə ɡˈe͡ɪmz] (IPA)

When it comes to computer games, there are numerous synonyms that can be used to describe them. One of the most common synonyms is simply "video games," which refers to any type of game that is played on a computer or other interactive device. Another word that is often used to describe computer games is "gaming," which can refer to the act of playing any type of game, whether it is on a computer or not. Other synonyms for computer games include "e-games," "digital games," and "online games." Some more traditional terms that are often used to describe computer games include "arcade games," which are often played in public places and are designed for quick, high-energy gameplay, and "console games," which are played on dedicated gaming consoles such as the Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo systems.

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Famous quotes with Computer games

  • I don't know why a computer game can't be an art form just as a puppet show or an opera is. I'm still interested in computer games as something I would like to work on someday.
    Fred Saberhagen
  • Even today, when an Aboriginal mother notices the first stirrings of speech in her child, she lets it handle the "things" of that particular country: leaves, fruit, insects and so forth. "We give our children guns and computer games," Wendy said. " gave their children the land."
    Bruce Chatwin

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