What is another word for conservative group?

Pronunciation: [kənsˈɜːvətˌɪv ɡɹˈuːp] (IPA)

When it comes to identifying a conservative group, there are many synonyms that can be used. These synonyms can help to add variety to your writing and provide a more nuanced understanding of the group in question. Some synonyms you can consider include traditionalists, right-wingers, or the right-leaning party. Other possibilities might include the GOP, Republican Party, or the conservative wing of the Republican Party. Whatever synonym you choose, it's important to define what you mean by these terms and avoid any confusion about their meaning. Ultimately, using synonyms can help to add depth and clarity to your discussions about conservative groups and their beliefs.

What are the hypernyms for Conservative group?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Famous quotes with Conservative group

  • We've got very large freshman class, it's historic in its size, so there's people that are extremely diverse in their backgrounds and their viewpoints. I think that we're going to see a conservative group of people coming together, focused on some real ideals that are going to be extremely important.
    Kristi Noem
  • Lucius Cary, Viscount Falkland, managed to make himself a most conspicuous example of every virtue and every grace of mind and manner; and this was the more remarkable because in the whole period through which he lived — the period leading up to the Civil War — the public affairs of England were an open playground for envy, hatred, malice, and all uncharitableness.Here we get on track of what conservatism is.Conservatism is not a body of opinion, it has no set platform or creed, and hence, strictly speaking, there is no such thing as a hundred-per-cent conservative group or partyThey were sentimental obstructionists, probably also obscurantists, but not conservatives. Nor yet is conservatism the antithesis of radicalism; the antithesis of radical is superficial. Falkland was a great radical; he was never for a moment caught by the superficial aspect of things. A person may be as radical as you please, and still may make an extremely conservative estimate of the force of necessity exhibited by a given set of conditions.The conservative is a person who considers very closely every chance, even the longest, of "throwing out the baby with the bath-water," as the German proverb puts it, and who determines his conduct accordingly.
    Albert Jay Nock

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