What is another word for Crankle?

78 synonyms found


[ kɹˈaŋkə͡l], [ kɹˈaŋkə‍l], [ k_ɹ_ˈa_ŋ_k_əl]

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    How to use "Crankle" in context?

    The Crankle has been described as a kind of scrunching noise someone makes when their voice breaks. It is often associated with emotions like laughter or embarrassment. Some people find it amusing, while others find it irritating. The crankle is usually a temporary sound, but it is sometimes recurrent and even persistent. It is usually caused by vocal cord tightness or a dry throat, but can also be caused by a virus or a cold. The crankle can occur when someone is speaking, singing, or laughing. It can also happen when someone is trying to speak but can't get the words out.

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