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Daan is a word that holds significant cultural and religious value in India. It refers to the act of selflessly donating without expecting anything in return. However, there are several synonyms for Daan that differ depending on the context. In Hindi, the word "dakshina" means a monetary gift offered to a guru or teacher. "Dana" is another synonym that signifies the act of charity. In the context of Hinduism, "annadaan" refers to the act of giving food to the needy. Similarly, "vastra-daan" signifies offering clothes to the less fortunate. Overall, these words represent the noble act of charity and selfless giving, embodied in India's rich cultural heritage.

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Usage examples for Daan

I shall go Daan wi' her mysel' to-morn.
"Lancashire Idylls (1898)"
Marshall Mather
Let's sit Daan i' this nook and I'll tell yo' all abaat it.
"Lancashire Idylls (1898)"
Marshall Mather
We lived Daan at th' Brig then, and I ran th' factory.
"Lancashire Idylls (1898)"
Marshall Mather

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