What is another word for de-clines?

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[ dəklˈa͡ɪnz], [ dəklˈa‍ɪnz], [ d_ə_k_l_ˈaɪ_n_z]

De-clines is a term often used to describe a decrease or downturn in something. However, there are many synonyms that can be used in its place to add variation and clarity to your writing. Some examples of synonyms for de-clines include diminishes, reduces, wanes, fades, deteriorates, ebbs, dwindles, languishes, deteriorates, flags, and slackens. These synonyms are useful when describing the decline in economic growth, loss of interest, decrease in sales, or the fading health of an individual. Using synonyms helps to keep your writing fresh and engaging, whilst conveying the intended message with precision and clarity.

Synonyms for De-clines:

How to use "De-clines" in context?

The word "decline" has a number of meanings, but in this article, it will be used to refer to a decrease in a trend or number. Declines can be seen in any type of data, be it economic, political, or social. In the case of the economy, declines can occur for a variety of reasons- from a recession to a business cycle to technological advances that make obsolete certain products or services. In politics, declines can occur for a variety of reasons- from the number of members in a political party to the approval ratings of a particular president or governor.

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