What is another word for de-gradations?

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Degradations refer to the process of being devalued or having a loss of status. There are several synonyms for degradations, including humiliation, debasement, downgrading, decline, deterioration, decline, and deterioration. Each synonym is used in different contexts, but their meanings relate to the loss of value, status, or quality. Humiliation refers to the act of being embarrassed or disrespected, while debasement is the act of lowering one's worth or value. Downgrading refers to the process of lowering something to a lesser status, and decline refers to a gradual deterioration of importance or significance. Deterioration refers to the process of becoming worse in quality or value. Overall, these synonyms for degradations refer to a loss of value, status, or quality.

Synonyms for De-gradations:

What are the hypernyms for De-gradations?

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What are the opposite words for de-gradations?

De-gradations refer to the act of reducing something to a lower level or degrading its quality. Antonyms for the word include appreciation, elevation, advancement, improvement, and promotion. Appreciation refers to the recognition of the value and merit of something. Elevation describes the process of raising something to a higher level. Advancement implies progressive movement towards a better position or situation. Improvement refers to the act of making something better or enhancing its quality. Promotion represents the process of advancing in position or rank. Using these antonyms instead of de-gradations can bring positive connotations to language and be empowering for individuals or groups.

What are the antonyms for De-gradations?

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