What is another word for deep seated?

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Deep-seated is an adjective used to describe a feeling, belief or emotion that is firmly established and difficult to change. There are several synonyms that can be used instead of deep-seated, including entrenched, ingrained, rooted, fixed, established, and long-standing. Each of these synonyms carries the same connotation of being firmly established and difficult to change. They can be used interchangeably to communicate the same idea. For example, "her long-standing prejudices made it difficult for her to accept change," conveys the same idea as "her deep-seated prejudices made it difficult for her to accept change." By using synonyms, writers can add more variety and nuance to their descriptions, making their writing more engaging for readers.

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    "Surface-level" is an antonym for the phrase "deep-seated". It connotes something that is not ingrained, profound, or deeply rooted. Something superficial, fleeting, or superficially understood. The surface-level perceptions aren't likely to last long or to leave a lasting impression on the individual, while the deep-seated perceptions are more durable and more meaningful. Things that are shallow or on the surface don't carry the same weight or significance as those that are deeper or heartfelt. When something is deep-seated, it is considered to be fundamental and essential, while a surface-level reaction is often seen as frivolous.

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    • Few memories are deep seated like particulate matter...easy to inhale but never exhale fully!
    • Nor do piecemeal steps however well intended, even partially resolve problems that have reached a universal, global and catastrophic character. If anything, partial 'solutions' serve merely as cosmetics to conceal the deep seated nature of the ecological crisis. They thereby deflect public attention and theoretical insight from an adequate understanding of the depth and scope of the necessary changes.
      Murray Bookchin

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