What is another word for delirium ambitiosum?

Pronunciation: [dɪlˈɪɹi͡əm ˈambɪtɪˌɒsəm] (IPA)

"Delirium ambitiosum" is a Latin term that translates to "excessive ambition" in English. Synonyms for this phrase include "overweening ambition", which refers to an excessive and unreasonable desire for success or power. Another synonym is "vaulting ambition", which suggests an ambitious drive that is insatiable and often leads to unethical behaviors. "Ambitious fanaticism" is another phrase that captures the intensity and fervor associated with delirium ambitiosum. It denotes an extreme obsession with achieving personal goals, sometimes to the detriment of others. Overall, these synonyms convey the negative connotations of excessive ambition, highlighting the potential dangers and pitfalls that can arise when one's aspirations become overwhelming.

What are the opposite words for delirium ambitiosum?

"Delirium ambitiosum" is a Latin phrase that means "ambitious delirium." Antonyms for this word would include composed, serene, sensible, and rational. A person experiencing "delirium ambitiosum" would be irrational, unrealistic, impulsive, and possibly hallucinating. On the other hand, a composed person would be calm, collected, and thinking rationally. A serene person would have a calm and peaceful manner. A sensible person would make logical decisions based on facts and evidence. A rational person would use reason and logic to make decisions. While ambition itself is not a negative trait, "delirium ambitiosum" refers to an unhealthy obsession with ambition that leads to irrational and dangerous behavior.

What are the antonyms for Delirium ambitiosum?

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