What is another word for Digital Plethysmograph?

Pronunciation: [dˈɪd͡ʒɪtə͡l plˈɛθɪsmˌɒɡɹaf] (IPA)

A digital plethysmograph is a medical instrument that measures changes in blood flow, often used to diagnose circulatory disorders. There are several synonyms for this device, including pulse volume recorder, blood flow monitor, photo plethysmograph, and vascular flowmeter. These instruments work by shining a light on the skin and measuring the reflected light to determine changes in blood flow. Other related devices include Doppler ultrasound machines, which use sound waves to measure blood flow, and laser Doppler flowmeters, which use laser light to measure changes in blood flow. No matter the name or type of instrument used, these devices are essential for diagnosing and treating circulatory disorders in patients.

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Related words: pulse oximeter, heart rate monitoring, cardiograph, plethysmograph

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