What is another word for dis approved?

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Disapproved is a term used to express dissatisfaction or condemnation towards something. However, there are other synonyms that could be used to convey the same meaning. One such synonym is "condemn," which also means to express strong disapproval. Another is "censure," which indicates a formal expression of disapproval or severe criticism. "Denounce" is another synonym, describing a more public and forceful criticism that often seeks to shame the target. "Reprove" is another term that means to express disapproval or criticism in a mild or gentle manner. Other synonyms for disapprove include "reprimand," "rebuke," "dislike," "object," and "scorn".

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Disapproved is an electronic music duo consisting of producers Israel Cruz (aka Icko) and Timothy Lozada. The duo's debut album, "Disapproved", was released on July 20, 2012. The album was produced entirely by Cruz and Lozada in their homes and was self-released through Bandcamp.

The album's central theme is opposition to mainstream culture. Cruz and Lozada write about drug addiction, gentrification, consumerism, and other topics in a critical, but humorous, way.

The album received generally positive reviews from critics.

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