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Discharges, which refer to the release or discharge of something, can be described using several synonyms. One synonym is emission, which signifies the output or release of something, often gases or liquids. Another synonym is excretion, which specifically refers to the release of waste products from the body. Discharges can also be referred to as expulsions or ejections, both of which indicate a forceful exit of something. Other synonyms include secretion, effluent, outflow, and flow, all of which refer to the movement of a substance from one place to another. In essence, discharges can be described using various words that emphasize the release and movement of something.

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Discharges (informal name: "droppings") are common in pet ownership and often result from pet waste being eliminated on the ground, but can also be the result of vomiting or diarrhea. Unless your pet has a specific medical condition that requires him to eliminate outside the home, it's generally best to try to clean up after him and not leave Discharge on the ground. Pets typically eliminate twice a day, so it's important to clean up after them both times.

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