What is another word for dis missed?

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Dismissed is a word that can be used in different contexts, like in schools, workplaces, or courts. Fortunately, the English language has plenty of synonyms that can replace the word dismissed. Here are some examples: - Fired - Terminated - Let go - Sacked - Laid off - Discharged - Expelled - Ousted - Removed - Banished - Evicted While these words have a similar meaning to dismissed, they have their own nuances that can reflect different levels of severity or formality. Choosing the right synonym can make your communication clearer and more effective.

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    Dismissed is a common term used for terminating someone or something from a job, school, or service. However, there are several antonyms for the word "dismissed" that depict different scenarios. Firstly, employ or hire are words that show the opposite of being dismissed from a job. Secondly, recognize, acknowledge, and approve imply that someone or something is being validated and not disregarded. Thirdly, engage, concern, and involve depict the opposite of disregarding something or someone. So, determining the correct antonym of dismissed depends on the context of the situation, and the choice of the word should be precise and apt.

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