What is another word for dis-gusting?

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[ dˈɪsɡˈʌstɪŋ], [ dˈɪsɡˈʌstɪŋ], [ d_ˈɪ_s_ɡ_ˈʌ_s_t_ɪ_ŋ]

The word "disgusting" can be used to describe something that is unpleasant or revolting. However, there are many other synonyms that can be used to convey similar meanings. Some common alternatives include words like "repulsive," "revolting," "nauseating," "abhorrent," "offensive," and "anathema." Each of these words conveys a strong sense of distaste, disgust, or aversion, and can be used to describe anything from foul odors to offensive behaviors. While each of these words has a slightly different connotation, they all share the same basic meaning of something that is unpleasant or offensive to the senses.

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    How to use "Dis-gusting" in context?

    Anyone who's been around long enough has probably come into contact with something dis-gusting at some point. Whether it's the smell of rotting flesh, ordure, or something far worse, there's no escaping it. But some things transcend mere disgust and enter the realm of stomach-churning terror. That's why we're taking a look at nine of the most disgusting things in the world.

    1. The smell of death is one of the most nauseating experiences imaginable.

    2. The sight of blood can induce an intense reaction of horror and revulsion.

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