What is another word for DIVINE AIR?

Pronunciation: [dɪvˈa͡ɪn ˈe͡ə] (IPA)

Divine air refers to an ethereal and sacred atmosphere, often associated with spirituality and holiness. Synonyms for divine air encompass a variety of terms that capture this mystical essence. Words such as celestial, heavenly, transcendent, or otherworldly evoke a sense of the divine. Serene, pure, or mystical are also fitting alternatives to describe the unique atmosphere. Additionally, terms like sacred, blessed, or hallowed connote the reverence that divine air commands. By exploring these synonyms, one can better grasp the sublime and spiritual nature that the phrase divine air embodies, enabling a deeper understanding and appreciation for its significance.

What are the opposite words for DIVINE AIR?

The term "divine air" refers to a spiritual and celestial atmosphere. Its antonyms include earthly, worldly, human, mortal, and profane. The opposite of divine air is the physical world that is filled with pollution, disease and human suffering. The word "divine" implies something that is holy and above the human existence. In contrast, earthly refers to things that are ordinary, down-to-earth and secular. Similarly, worldly means something that is temporal, material and mundane. Mortal refers to something that is subject to death and decay, while profane describes things that are sacrilegious, irreverent or vulgar. Ultimately, divine air is the opposite of everything that is mundane, plain and materialistic.

What are the antonyms for Divine air?

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