What is another word for do you mind??

Pronunciation: [dˈuː juː mˈa͡ɪnd] (IPA)

"Do you mind?" is a common phrase used to inquire about someone's willingness to do something or accommodate a request. However, there are a variety of synonyms for this phrase that can be used depending on the context and level of formality required. Some examples include: "Would it be okay if..." or "Could you possibly" for more polite requests, "Are you willing to..." or "Could you handle..." for more direct inquiries, and "Do you object to..." or "Is it inconvenient for you to..." for situations where the action may be more burdensome. Ultimately, choosing the appropriate synonym for "Do you mind?" depends on the situation and the relationship between the parties involved.

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A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Famous quotes with Do you mind?

  • I got in a little trouble. Did you guys hear anything about that? I'll tell you what happened. I had two sold-out shows in Fort Pierce, Florida and we were gonna land in Vero Beach, Florida. And I have an airplane that, um, you guys...bought me. Thank you. It's nice. It is really cool. And we land in Vero Beach, and where we land, I look out the window and there's three cops standing there, which is no big deal to me. Because cops love me, so do firemen. And a lot of times, I'll get a police escort from the airport to the venue, and this...wasn't one of those times. I got outta the plane and there was a cop there and he said, "Mr. White, we have been told there are drugs on this plane by an anonymous tip." I said, "There are absolutely no drugs on the plane." Now, I have a bit of weed in my bag, but it's not on the plane, so technically I'm not lying to this guy. And, you know, he goes, "Well, do you mind? if we search the aircraft?" I said, "You absolutely cannot search this aircraft unless you have probable cause," because I still have civil liberties, you know what I mean? I do. And they tell me, "Okay, we just wanna let the drug dog walk by it a couple times." I said, "Fine". And the drug dog walks by a couple times, and the guy goes, "Well, the dog gave us the signal that there are drugs on the plane". And I was like, "No, he didn't! That dog didn't do anything, I was staring straight at it! He didn't wink, blink, woof or paw. What's his signal, a blank stare? That's all he did!" "Well, the dog says there are drugs on the plane." And I said, "Well, I said there aren't drugs on the plane. Who are you going to believe, me or the...ah, fuck, never mind." Now, I've got a show to go to. They spend going through this plane. An hour and a half and I'm just sitting there going, "Oh, come on!" And they get finished and, of course, there are no drugs on the plane and I knew there wasn't. And I assume now they're gonna let me go and I'll go do my show, whatever. And then they go, "Well, now the dog needs to sniff that bag on your shoulder," and I was like, "Ruh-roh!" They found 7/8 of a of marijuana in my bag. Now, when I have have 7/8 of a gram of marijuana, I consider myself to be... of marijuana. That is no weed.
    Ron White

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