What is another word for Dotted Gayfeather?

Pronunciation: [dˈɒtɪd ɡˈe͡ɪfɛðə] (IPA)

Dotted Gayfeather is a perennial plant that grows in North America. It is also known by several other names such as Liatris punctata, spotted blazing star, and dotted blazing star. This magnificent plant is known for its cylindrical spikes of purple florets, which attract pollinators, especially butterflies and bees. Apart from its botanical name Liatris punctata, Dotted Gayfeather is commonly referred to as dotted blazing star due to its star-like blooms. It is also called spotted blazing star because of the small dots on the flowers. Other synonyms for this plant include dotted liatris, nodding blazing star, and loachoshoots. Dotted Gayfeather is a beautiful plant that adds color and texture to any garden, and it is a fantastic addition for gardeners looking to attract pollinators.

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