What is another word for duck-and-cover hyperbole?

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[ dˈʌkandkˈʌvə ha͡ɪpˈɜːbəlˌi], [ dˈʌkandkˈʌvə ha‍ɪpˈɜːbəlˌi], [ d_ˈʌ_k_a_n_d_k_ˈʌ_v_ə h_aɪ_p_ˈɜː_b_ə_l_ˌi]

When it comes to hyperbole, one phrase that often comes to mind is "duck-and-cover." This expression is often used to signify an extreme reaction to a perceived threat or danger. However, there are other ways to express this same sentiment. Some synonyms for "duck-and-cover hyperbole" might include "overreaction," "exaggeration," "panic," "hysteria," or "dramatization." Each of these words describes a situation in which someone is responding to a perceived threat in a way that is out of proportion to the actual danger. By choosing the right word to describe this behavior, we can better understand the motives and attitudes behind it.

Synonyms for Duck-and-cover hyperbole:

What are the hypernyms for Duck-and-cover hyperbole?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

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