What is another word for Eschewance?

Pronunciation: [ˈɛʃjuːəns] (IPA)

Eschewance, a lesser-known term, refers to the act of deliberately avoiding or abstaining from something. However, if this word seems elusive or inaccessible, there are numerous synonyms that can be employed to convey the same meaning. Words such as avoidance, abstention, renunciation, rejection, avoidance, evasion, and shunning can all be utilized interchangeably. Embracing any of these synonyms allows individuals to express the intentional act of keeping away from certain actions, behaviors, or substances. Whether it is steering clear of unhealthy habits, evading conflicts, or renouncing negative influences, employing these alternative phrases effectively captures the essence of eschewance in a more widely-understood manner.

What are the antonyms for Eschewance?

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