What is another word for Faldstool?

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Faldstool is an archaic word that refers to a portable chair or stool used especially by bishops and other high-ranking clergy. There are several synonyms for faldstool, including prayer chair, bishop's chair, ecclesiastical chair, and episcopal throne. These words all point to the same object, but they do have slightly different connotations. For example, "prayer chair" emphasizes the devotional aspect of the object, while "episcopal throne" highlights the authority and power associated with it. Nonetheless, they all suggest a highly ceremonial object with a rich history and religious significance.

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    The Faldstool is a wooden stool Italian for "falcon's stool." It has a long, slender column of wood that forms the seat and is often tapered at the back. The Faldstool is often carved with intricate designs, typically featuring birds, hawks, and falcons.

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