What is another word for Family Apidae?

Pronunciation: [fˈamɪli ɐpˈɪdiː] (IPA)

Family Apidae is a diverse group of bees that belong to the order Hymenoptera. Commonly known as the bee family, Apidae are an important group of pollinators that play a crucial role in the world's ecosystem. Other synonyms for Apidae include Anthophoridae, Bombidae, and Megachilidae. Each family within this group has unique characteristics and behaviors. For example, Bombidae, also known as bumblebees, are known for their larger size and fuzzy bodies. In contrast, Megachilidae, or leafcutter bees, are known for their ability to cut perfectly round pieces of leaves that they use to construct their nests. Despite their differences, all families within Apidae are important pollinators and play a critical role in maintaining the world's biodiversity.

Synonyms for Family apidae:

What are the hypernyms for Family apidae?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

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