What is another word for Family Cecropiaceae?

Pronunciation: [fˈamɪli sɛkɹˈə͡ʊpɪˌe͡ɪsiː] (IPA)

The Family Cecropiaceae is a diverse group of plants that includes several genera and species. Some of these plants are commonly known as trumpet trees, while others are referred to as corkwood trees or balsa trees. There are also several other synonyms for the Family Cecropiaceae, including the Moraceae family, the Urticaceae family, and the Ulmaceae family. Despite these different names, all of these families are closely related and share many similar characteristics. They are typically found in tropical and subtropical regions and are valued for their ornamental appearance, as well as their many medicinal and commercial uses.

Synonyms for Family cecropiaceae:

What are the hypernyms for Family cecropiaceae?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.
  • Other hypernyms:

    plant family, Angiosperm Family, flowering plant family.

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