What is another word for Family Xenosauridae?

Pronunciation: [fˈamɪli zˌɛnəsˈɔːɹɪdˌiː] (IPA)

Family Xenosauridae is a scientific classification that refers to a group of lizards, commonly known as the knob-scaled lizards. These lizards are predominantly found in Mexico and Central America, and are known for their distinctive knob-like scales on their backs. Synonyms for this scientific classification include Xenosaurinae and Xenosaurids. Additionally, the knob-scaled lizards are often referred to as the Mexican alligator lizard due to their resemblance to the reptilian species. Other common names for these lizards include the beaded lizards and slow-worm lizards. Despite their various names, these lizards are fascinating creatures that are highly adapted to their unique environments.

Synonyms for Family xenosauridae:

What are the hypernyms for Family xenosauridae?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

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