What is another word for figurehead?

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The word figurehead has several synonyms that can be used as an alternative to this term. One of the synonyms is "puppet," which describes a situation where someone is being controlled by another person and is not able to make their own decisions. Another synonym that can be used is "frontman," which usually refers to someone who acts as the public face of an organization or group. Other synonyms include "token," which describes someone who is present only for show but does not have any real power, and "mouthpiece," which describes someone who speaks on behalf of an organization or group. Overall, these synonyms provide a range of options to express similar concepts as the term figurehead.

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A figurehead is a carved symbol on the deck of a ship or on the head of a revived pirate flag, which is used to indicate the ship's captain. The first figureheads were probably solid blocks of wood, but later became more stylized, with exaggerating features such as horns and beards.

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