What is another word for force play?

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[ fˈɔːs plˈe͡ɪ], [ fˈɔːs plˈe‍ɪ], [ f_ˈɔː_s p_l_ˈeɪ]

Force play is a term used in various sports, including baseball and softball, to describe a type of play in which the defensive team forces a base runner to advance to the next base by making a play on the ball. In baseball, this is typically done by throwing the ball to the base before the runner can reach it, while in softball, it may involve tagging the base or the runner. Synonyms for force play include "fielder's choice" and "putout," both of which refer to the defensive team's ability to make a play that results in an out or forces a runner to advance. Other related terms include "play at the plate," "turning two," and "pickle".

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How to use "Force play" in context?

A force play is an offensive strategy in ice hockey in which a team with the puck tries to create a situation where the opposition cannot protect its net or clearing the puck from its defensive end. The team with the puck tries to force the opposition to play the puck low or wrap around the net, where they may not be able to defend properly.

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