What is another word for forward proxy?

Pronunciation: [fˈɔːwəd pɹˈɒksi] (IPA)

A forward proxy is a crucial networking component that acts as an intermediary between user devices and the internet. Commonly known as a proxy server, it facilitates communication by forwarding all requests from the user to the web. However, there exist several synonyms for the term "forward proxy". One commonly used alternative is "gatekeeper proxy". This synonym emphasizes the proxy's role in managing and controlling access to the internet, ensuring secure and authorized connections. Another equivalent term is "intermediary proxy", highlighting its intermediary function between users and web servers. Lastly, the term "intercepting proxy" highlights the proxy's ability to intercept and analyze the requests passing through, providing an additional layer of security.

What are the opposite words for forward proxy?

The antonym for the term "forward proxy" is the "reverse proxy." Unlike forward proxy, where the client's request is called, reverse proxy acts on behalf of a webserver. The client can't see the real target server, and all the web traffic passes through the reverse proxy, which distributes it and caches the related requests. It is mostly used to balance the load of incoming traffic and protect the webserver from unauthorized access or attacks. When a client requests a website, the reverse proxy intercepts the request and sends it to the backend server, ensuring minimal load on the server, faster communication, and better user experience.

What are the antonyms for Forward proxy?

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