What is another word for Fribble?

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The word 'fribble' does not have many synonyms as it is considered outdated and not frequently used in contemporary English. However, some alternatives to this word include 'trifle,' 'dilly-dally,' 'piddle around,' 'procrastinate,' or 'loiter.' These words describe a similar behavior as fribble, which is to waste time or engage in aimless or meaningless activities. The word 'fribble' is often used to describe someone who is being frivolous or pointless. Overall, while there may not be many synonyms for 'fribble,' there are certainly other words that can be used to convey similar meanings and ideas.

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How to use "Fribble" in context?

Fribble - a creature that inhabits the forests of the Forgotten Realms. Fribbles are diminutive creatures, about the size of a small cat, with bushy tails and ears that are large enough to cover their heads. They resemble rats with hooves, and are active during the day, but are nocturnal by nature.

Fribbles are omnivores, and their diet consists of grass, leaves, and fruits. They are also known to scavenge. Fribbles live in colonies, and are very social creatures.

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