What is another word for Genus Datura?

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[ d͡ʒˈɛnəs dˈat͡ʃəɹə], [ d‍ʒˈɛnəs dˈat‍ʃəɹə], [ dʒ_ˈɛ_n_ə_s d_ˈa_tʃ_ə_ɹ_ə]

Genus Datura is a group of plants in the nightshade family which contains several species known for their psychoactive properties. Some of the synonyms for Genus Datura are Devil's Trumpet, Angel's Trumpet, and Jimsonweed. Devil's Trumpet is a reference to the trumpet-shaped flowers which bloom at night, while Angel's Trumpet is named for their sweet fragrance. Jimsonweed comes from the Jamestown settlers who were said to have eaten the plant and experienced hallucinations. Other synonyms for Genus Datura include Moonflower, Thornapple, and Toloache. These plants are considered to be dangerous due to their toxic properties, and should only be handled by experienced botanists or medical professionals.

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