What is another word for Genus Listera?

Pronunciation: [d͡ʒˈɛnəs lˈɪstəɹə] (IPA)

Genus Listera is commonly known as the twayblade, which belongs to the family Orchidaceae. Twayblades are generally small, herbaceous, and terrestrial orchids. These orchids are widely distributed throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Genus Listera is commonly known by other names, including Listere, Two-leaved Orchid, and Twayblade Orchid. The name "Twayblade" was given to the plant because it produces two leaves that are membranous and sheathed. These two leaves emerge from the base of the plant, making it visually distinctive from other orchids. Regardless of the name, members of the genus Listera are delicate and beautiful wildflowers enjoyed by hikers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Synonyms for Genus listera:

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    • listera
    • .
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What are the hypernyms for Genus listera?

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