What is another word for grasa?

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[ ɡɹˈɑːsə], [ ɡɹˈɑːsə], [ ɡ_ɹ_ˈɑː_s_ə]

Grasa is a Spanish word that translates to "fat" in English. It is a commonly used term in the food industry where it can be used to describe the fat content of various foods. However, there are other synonyms for the word "grasa" that can be used depending on the context of the sentence. For example, "aceite" can be used to describe cooking oil, "manteca" to describe butter or lard, and "sebo" can be used to describe animal fat. Other synonyms of "grasa" include "adiposidad," "tejido adiposo," and "lipidos." These words can help provide variety in language and descriptions in different subject areas.

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