What is another word for h2o?

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H2O is the chemical formula for water, composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Synonyms for H2O include aqua, hydrate, dihydrogen monoxide, and distilled water. Aqua is commonly used to describe water in a more decorative or fashionable way, such as in the clothing industry. Hydrate suggests a water molecule that is attached to another molecule, most commonly in chemistry. Dihydrogen monoxide is a scientific term that is known for generating humorous responses, as it sounds like a toxic chemical but is actually just water. Distilled water is H2O that has been purified through the distillation process. In summary, these synonyms for H2O can be used to add variety to one's vocabulary or for specific scientific or industrial contexts.

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Usage examples for H2o

Compute the proportion of it, by weight, in water, h2o. It is the union of O in the air with C and H in our blood that keeps up the heat of the body and supports life.
"An Introduction to Chemical Science"
R.P. Williams
When burned with O it forms h2o. Pure O and H when burning give great heat, but little light.
"An Introduction to Chemical Science"
R.P. Williams
h2o, and add 5 cc.
"An Introduction to Chemical Science"
R.P. Williams

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