What is another word for hurting?

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Hurt is an emotion that is experienced by many people in their daily lives, and there are a variety of ways to describe it. Some synonyms for hurt include pain, suffering, ache, agony, distress, and misery. Pain is a physical sensation, while suffering refers to a broader emotional experience of discomfort. Ache is often used to describe a dull, persistent pain, while agony implies intense suffering. Distress and misery both refer to emotional pain, and can be used to describe both mental and physical discomfort. Whatever word you use to describe hurt, it is important to acknowledge and address it in order to move forward and find relief.

Synonyms for Hurting:

How to use "Hurting" in context?

There are many ways to hurt someone. Some are small, some are big, but they all hurt in their own way.

Some small ways to hurt someone might be to not give them their desired answer to a question in class, to say something mean to them, or to not return their text message quickly enough. These kinds of things can really hurt someone's feelings and can lead to them feeling upset.

Big ways to hurt someone might be to brutally kill them, to do something that legitimately risks their life like driving them into a tree, or to emotionally devastate them by leaving them for someone else.

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  • herting.

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