What is another word for Iatrogenic Diseases?

Pronunciation: [ˌa͡ɪɐtɹə͡ʊd͡ʒˈɛnɪk dɪzˈiːzɪz] (IPA)

Iatrogenic diseases, also known as doctor-induced diseases, are ailments caused by medical interventions or treatments. Patients may suffer these unintended consequences as a result of medical errors, faulty procedures, or using drugs with adverse side effects. Synonyms for iatrogenic diseases describe the various aspects of these conditions. Terms like healthcare-associated infections, doctor-inflicted ailments, or medically-induced disorders can be used interchangeably to define iatrogenic diseases. While medical advancements have improved overall health outcomes, it is crucial to acknowledge the potential risks and complications that can arise, emphasizing the need for precise treatments and vigilant patient care to prevent iatrogenic diseases.

What are the opposite words for Iatrogenic Diseases?

The term "Iatrogenic Diseases" refers to illnesses that are caused by medical treatment, intervention, or diagnostic procedures. Antonyms for this term could be "natural healing," "spontaneous recovery," or "non-intervention," where diseases are resolved without medical assistance. Another antonym could be "preventive medicine" where the focus is on keeping people healthy and preventing illness from occurring in the first place. Additionally, "holistic healing" could be an antonym, where treatments address a person's entire physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being rather than just focusing on symptom relief. Ultimately, the opposite of "Iatrogenic Diseases" would be a health care system that is focused on preventing illness and promoting natural wellbeing.

What are the antonyms for Iatrogenic diseases?

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