What is another word for ice-cream spoon?

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[ ˈa͡ɪskɹˈiːm spˈuːn], [ ˈa‍ɪskɹˈiːm spˈuːn], [ ˈaɪ_s_k_ɹ_ˈiː_m s_p_ˈuː_n]

There are many words that can be used as synonyms for "ice-cream spoon". Some popular options include "scoop", "disher", and "server". These words all refer to the utensil used to scoop and serve ice cream. Another option is "gelato spoon", which refers to a specific type of ice cream that is popular in Italy. "Dessert spoon" can also be used interchangeably, as it is a general term for a utensil used to eat desserts. "Sundae spoon" is another option, which refers specifically to a spoon designed for the classic ice cream sundae. In the end, the most important thing is finding the word that accurately represents the utensil being used. Whether it's a scoop, a gelato spoon, or any other option, there are plenty of synonyms available for this delicious tool.

Synonyms for Ice-cream spoon:

How to use "Ice-cream spoon" in context?

There is something incredibly romantic about a spoon that is specifically designed for eating ice cream. It is the perfect size to scoop the soft treats, and the slender design ensures that you won't end up with any messes on your dress or yourself. Plus, there is something so satisfying about digging into a sundae with a spoon that was specifically made for the task. If you're ever feeling romantically inclined and want to indulge in an icy treat, make sure to grab a spoon like this!

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