What is another word for in pursuance of?

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[ ɪn pəsjˈuːəns ɒv], [ ɪn pəsjˈuːəns ɒv], [ ɪ_n p_ə_s_j_ˈuː_ə_n_s ɒ_v]

In pursuance of is a commonly used phrase that indicates that something is being done in order to achieve a particular objective. However, it is always good to have a variety of vocabulary at your disposal to keep your writing more precise and engaging. Some synonyms for the term "In pursuance of" include the phrases, "with the intention of", "in order to", "for the purpose of", "with a view to", "with the aim of", and "with the goal of". Using synonyms can aid you to create more variety in your writing style while still communicating effectively.

How to use "In pursuance of" in context?

"in pursuance of" is a phrase that is often used to describe the actions that a person will take in order to achieve a particular goal. This phrase is used in a variety of situations, including in relation to tasks that have to be completed in order to achieve a specific goal, and in relation to the motivation that someone has to continue working towards a goal. Whether someone is pursuing a goal in order to achieve something positive, such as financial security, or something more intangible, such as happiness, the phrase "in pursuance of" is a useful way to describe the motivation behind the person's actions.

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