What is another word for in view of?

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[ ɪn vjˈuː ɒv], [ ɪn vjˈuː ɒv], [ ɪ_n v_j_ˈuː ɒ_v]

In view of is a phrase used to indicate a reason or consideration for a decision. Some synonyms for this phrase include in light of, considering, taking into account, and due to. These phrases are commonly used to indicate that a decision was made after careful consideration of all relevant factors and in anticipation of potential outcomes. Other synonyms for in view of include given that, on account of, and owing to. These phrases are all useful in communicating a particular point of emphasis and in helping to clarify the reasoning behind a particular decision or action.

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  • What does it mean?

    How to use "In view of" in context?

    The phrase "in view of" is a modal verb phrase. It means that something is taken into account, considered, or kept in mind.

    For example, a person might say "I don't want to go out with you because I am not in view of meeting someone new." This means that the person does not want to go out with the other person because they have the opportunity to meet someone new.

    The phrase can also be used to communicate the fact that something is not the focus of attention.

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