What is another word for industrialised?

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"Industrialized" is an adjective often used to describe a highly developed, technologically advanced and economically prosperous society. There are several synonyms that can be used to describe the concept of industrialization, such as modernized, urbanized, developed, commercialized, mechanized, technological, and advanced. Likewise, other terms can capture the idea of a society that has undergone industrialization, including "post-industrial," which carries the connotation of industries shifting from manufacturing to service-focused businesses; "globalized," which centers on the increasing interconnectedness of the global economy; and "consumerist," which emphasizes the pervasive influence of commercial activity on everyday life. All of these words convey the notion of a thriving and prosperous society characterized by technological and economic advancement.

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The antonyms for the word "industrialised" are "undeveloped," "nonindustrial," "agricultural," and "primitive." These words describe areas or countries that are not fully developed in terms of industries or technologies. Undeveloped areas do not have modern infrastructures or systems that can support industrialization. Nonindustrial locations lack the necessary manufacturing or production capabilities that are required for large-scale industrialization. Places that are primarily agricultural focus mainly on farming, rather than industrial production. Finally, primitive regions are those that lack modern technology and processes necessary for industrialization. Together, these words provide contrasting views from the highly developed and technologically advanced industrialized nations.

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Usage examples for Industrialised

No Socialist had stopped to think out how, in a densely populated and highly industrialised Socialist community, we should provide systematically for the orphans, the sick, the physically or mentally defective and the aged on the one hand, and for the adults for whom at any time no immediate employment could be found.
"The History of the Fabian Society"
Edward R. Pease
He gives striking examples of what he terms "industrialised diplomacy."
"The Forerunners"
Romain Rolland
It has made one almost despair of industrialised England to see the great Australians pass in the streets of London.
"Another Sheaf"
John Galsworthy

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