What is another word for jacket crown?

2 synonyms found


[ d͡ʒˈakɪt kɹˈa͡ʊn], [ d‍ʒˈakɪt kɹˈa‍ʊn], [ dʒ_ˈa_k_ɪ_t k_ɹ_ˈaʊ_n]

Synonyms for Jacket crown:

  • n.

    jacket (noun) Other relevant words: (noun)

How to use "Jacket crown" in context?

jackets have a history that stretches back centuries. Originally, coats were designed to keep you warm and to protect you from the elements. Over time, though, jackets have evolved into a fashion statement in and of themselves. Now, jackets can be designed in almost any style, color, and fabric, and they come in a wide range of prices and quality. So, what gives a jacket its crown? Principally, it's the jacket collar. A jacket's collar is made up of two parts: the crown and the collar. The crown is the part of the collar that falls just below the neckline of the jacket.

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