What is another word for katabatic?

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[ kˌatɐbˈatɪk], [ kˌatɐbˈatɪk], [ k_ˌa_t_ɐ_b_ˈa_t_ɪ_k]

Katabatic is a unique word that refers to a type of wind flowing downhill due to gravity. It is not a commonly used word in daily communication and writing, which is why finding its synonyms can be helpful. Some of the synonyms that can be used in place of katabatic are downhill wind, gravity wind, drainage wind, mountain breeze, slope wind, and fall wind. These words are especially helpful when writing about environmental phenomena or describing the movement of air currents. Using synonyms helps to avoid repetition and make writing more engaging for the reader.

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    How to use "Katabatic" in context?

    The word "katabatic" comes from the Greek word "katabasis" which means descent. Katabatic means descent in a very steep or unstable manner.

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