What is another word for langside?

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[ lˈaŋsa͡ɪd], [ lˈaŋsa‍ɪd], [ l_ˈa_ŋ_s_aɪ_d]

Synonyms for Langside:

How to use "Langside" in context?

Langside is a new re-branding of the disused Langside Branch Line railway, connecting the city centre of Dundee and the neighbouring town of Arbroath.

Opened in 1890, the Langside Branch Line was the final addition to the Dundee Railway, which opened in 1858. Despite its importance to the local economy, the line was closed to passengers in 1965 and to goods in 1974.

Since its closure, the Langside Branch Line has been the subject of several proposals for its revival. In 2009, a feasibility study was carried out in order to establish the costs and feasibility of restoring the line.

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